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Obamaloney Baloney with Miss Holly Hope, My Top 3 Tips for Runnin’ a Clean Campaign, President 2012

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Hello. I’m Miss Holly Hope and I’m runnin’ for President. I believe in runnin’ a clean campaign. Here is a video with my advice on runnin’ a clean campaign in light of Mitt Romney’s recently makin’ up a not-so-nice word “Obamaloney” – just google it – it’s in the news. Let’s keep things peaceful y’all!

Here’s my advice for runnin’ a clean campaign and the adverse effects if you start gettin’ dirty with your campaignin’!

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  1. My favorite sandwich is banana, peanut butter and dill pickle. I would never use part of that sandwich against someone…Romneyananterickle, Obamaananterickle – it’s just not nice! What was Romney thinking with Obamaloney? What’s your favorite sandwich?

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